Mod Podge Book Page Wallpaper Project

I know this is a little different than my normal posts, but I wanted to share some of my creative endeavors here. I don’t really know what’s going on lately, but my mind is constantly buzzing with ideas on how to improve this little house. For the wedding, I bathroommade most of the flowers for our reception table out of old book pages. My man and I sorted through our books, choosing to repurpose books that had been given to us that we hated, textbooks we couldn’t sell back or get any use out of, and books we had more than one copy of. After the wedding, we had several books that were partially taken apart, so, one insomnia-ridden night, I decided to continue to deconstruct them and decide where I could use the extra pages. After I fell asleep, I figured out what I wanted to do: Cover the upper half of the bathroom walls with the pages instead of the ugly, cartoon-fish wallpaper the previous owners left behind. Not counting the books, which were mostly gifts anyway, the only expense we paid was for the glue I used to make the homemade mod podge to stick the pages to the walls ($6). Three days of work, $6 of glue, and I’m already excited to see what project is next. I might have finally found a passion. We’ll see.